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nnovgorod.spravedlivo wrote a new blog post titled Из интервью с Николасом Мадуро (политик)

  Президент Венесуэлы говорит о значении Джона Леннона.   РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ :   «Он был выдающейся фигурой, и он до сих пор остается иконой. В своей музыке он смог показать...
(2 days ago)

Youth Statement in different languages
(19 days ago) - Thanks to the volunteers, the Youth Statement adopted at the UNESCO ESD Youth Conference has now been translated into 7 different languges: English, French,... more

Global Action Week 2014 - "Equal rights, equal opportunities - Education and disability" - Key messages

Key action-oriented messages:   The target date of EFA Goals is approaching fast, but the magnitude of exclusion in education remains at an alarming level, especially when more than 1 billion people (or 15 per cent of the total world population) with disabilities around the world still face stigma and discrimination to and in education. Global efforts and actions for EFA must be accelerated to ensure... more

Discussion: How to develop media sustainability Indicators

Community: Global Community for Media Sustainability (GCMS)

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Discussion: What is media sustainability?

Community: Global Community for Media Sustainability (GCMS)

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Discussion: Local Problems Local Solutions

Community: UNESCO ESD Youth Conference

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