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How Parent and Teacher Can Make Head Start Program More Success

Parents and teachers play a very significant role towards the development of children in early childhood education. Children tend to rely on their parents and teachers to offer them guidance in as far as education matters are concerned. For that matter the engagement of both parents and teachers can never be overemphasised. Head start programs provide children with an amazing opportunity where they get to learn and nurture their skill from an... more

Responsive Web Design India Companies Can Assure You of Higher Page Rankings

With so much happening in the world of mobile technology it is imperative that e-commerce and other online business sit up and take notice of the newest kid on the block, that is, the responsive web design. A responsive web design, which is a form of mobile web design India, is fairly easy to understand and use in our daily lives. Today, we can’t imagine leaving our homes without our mobiles and since the Android and iOS revolution, the... more

Images from my Past

"Report cards were sent out recently and their issuance always serve as a reminder of the following situation from a couple of years ago and how destructive grades can be to a kid's motivation. " This article took me back to my first year of teaching, 1979, and with it all the pain, anger and frustrations I felt then blistered up once more. The title of the blog is, "Why Are You Crying? Your Grades?"Reflection:My first year of... more


January 25, 2014 by Anil Prasad | Comments (0)

Dear All, I have been writing an open Novel series IMANOFUTU. The name is an acronym for Imaginary Nation of the Future. In this respect, I am very happy to present this new year gift to you! The soft copy of IMANOFUTU  Volume 1 is now available for free download -IT CARRIES A CC-BY-SA OPEN LICENSE AS WELL! Volume 1 is a prologue to the main plot of the series (which is being written). The main volumes will also carry open license. The... more

The global project in honor of John Lennon at Facebook

January 9, 2014 by health5000

Project: «International Day of Peace via Art: John Lennon» (Facebook)John Lennon will be here in the result. Проект: «Международный день Мира через Искусство: Джон Леннон» = Project: «International Day of Peace via Art: John Lennon» THE BEATLES Texts of the project in the social network sometimes are written on Russian language, but you can translate them via bot: http://translate.google.com.

WE WANT BETTER EDUCATION –better educational system

December 16, 2013 by Ikwelle Ekene | Comments (2)

WE WANT BETTER EDUCATION –better educational system Who has seen the movie “3 idiots” especially in the company of young people? Well, I have seen it over a record 11 times (my record anyway) since last week with secondary school students at different community schools in Lagos, Nigeria and we seem to agree that education without a hands-platform is similar to having certificates without real knowledge (practical), which is... more

Free Education and over population: A story of Lagos state, Nigeria

December 3, 2013 by Ikwelle Ekene | Comments (0)

Free Education and Over Population: A Story of Lagos State. Life can be really frustrating, full of ups and down, you could be so wealthy this fall and then, beg for food the next fall. Such is the story of my three little friends and brothers –Abdul, Chidera and Taiye. From a popular private school in Lagos, they now attend a public-newly-innovated school under the free education scheme of BRF. I recently went to their Open-day and was... more

And i met Nick

December 3, 2013 by Ikwelle Ekene | Comments (0)

AND I MET NICK At the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum, I met the founder of Summly, 17 year old Nicholas D’Aloisio–Montilla who was a British-born Australian entrepreneur. Nick started simple computer programming at age 12, after he had encountered difficulties while trying to access and download an apple application. He was able to develop a novice-grade of a software which could easily help people access and download some programs online.... more

my topic

October 28, 2013 by hameedabdi@live.com | Comments (0)

my topic

Project: «International Day of Peace via Art»

Imagine The project of the political party «Справедливая Россия»: nnovgorod.spravedlivo.ru (sub-unit in the Nizhny Novgorod region). Проект: «Международный день Мира через Искусство» РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ ЭТОЙ СТРАНИЦЫ; About the political party "Справедливая Россия" (EN: Just Russia, Fair Russia); Руководство регионального отделения СР в Нижегородской области (RU); Curator of the project: Якимов Алексей Викторович... more