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My Odyssey from Guyana to America - via Africa

This is an epic account of Cleopatra's experiences after leaving her native land at nineteen years old. She started this journey as an adventurous, young woman in pursuit of a career path. As a young girl growing up in Guyana, she had big dreams. She would look up at the sky as the planes flew by and wondered what life was like in other lands. She knew that there was a world out there that she wanted to explore but she did not know how she was going to get there. She did not have the resources that would make this even a remote possibility. Nevertheless, as she subsequently learned, miracles do happen and the key was to be able to discern the opportunities that would make them a reality. Her curiosity propelled her to explore every opportunity that came her way and this led her through an extraordinary path which she now calls "My Odyssey." My Odyssey is a timeline of wanderings, tragedies, triumphs and new beginnings. Cleopatra has taken the long route to North America, through a myriad of African countries, languages and cultures but all these experiences have molded her character and made her a believer in the power of faith and the resilience of the human spirit.

Cleopatra Sinkamba Islar has lived the life of an international civil servant. After several years of working in various parts of the world with international development organizations, she has learned how to overcome adversity and embrace new beginnings. Her experiences since leaving her home in Guyana, and the challenges she faced while living and working in Zambia, Canada, Côte d'Ivoire, and the USA where she currently resides, have given her a deep passion for helping others and sharing the lessons she has learned on her journey.

To contact the author, send a message to patraislar@gmail.com.  My Odyssey is available on Amazon.com and createspace.com.

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