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I am working on the UNESCO ‘Crossing Media Boundaries: Adaptations and New Media Forms of the Book’ project. Through OER the project will respond to UNESCO’s medium term strategy principally in its ‘education for all’ agenda. It will assist the objectives of building knowledge societies by collaborating between institutions which provide Higher Education in communication and the media, and sharing and disseminating the knowledge gained through the project via multiplatform distribution.

Through linking institutions in India, China, Australia and the UK, the project seeks to underpin UNESCO’s objectives in a number of ways, one of which is ‘attaining quality for all and life long learning’.

One of the projects’ outputs are a published (free/OER) website of academic and teaching materials using data collected and demonstrating the models and methods for use in Higher Education teaching.

This OER will provide educational resources as a starting point for learning, research and collaboration. We will be seeking to understand whether OER can aid international academic exchange and support student mobility. In the case of the University of Bedforshire, the OER can underpin the University’s values in internationalisation, access, partnership and innovation.

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