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I have been working on and in productive communities since well before college, where I lived in and managed the student cooperative at University of California, Berkeley and where my consciousness of gender politics was honed. Then there was graduate school, an abandoned (so far?) academic career in favour of the open source world ca. San Francisco 1999 (Prince had nothing on it), and OpenOffice.org, which I pretended to lead for 11 years and during which time I spoke a lot on open source, open standards, and community development to audiences living partout and unfortunate enough not to get paid to listen to me. This year, I've directed my focus to establishing my consultancy, Age of Peers, which works with organisations engaging in open source and for which I do community-related strategy and marketing. I continue to contribute what I can to the newly christened Apache OpenOffice and to establishing "sustainable" and inclusive productive communities. A key interest is in identifying those paths (local or not) that lead to greater repeatable participation. (Charisma is not scalable.)

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